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 NHSmail2: NEW course! Now available!

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What is NHSmail?

NHSmail is a secure national collaboration service which enables the safe and secure exchange of sensitive and patient identifiable information within the NHS and local/central government.  The service also provides the facility to securely exchange information with insecure or non-accredited email services via the NHSmail2 encryption feature.

NHSmail is available for use by any organisation commissioned to deliver NHS healthcare or related activities.

More than half-a-million staff already use NHSmail on a daily basis in England and Scotland to help them deliver better patient care. User numbers are growing at a rate of more than 10% per annum, as more organisations choose NHSmail as their preferred email service.

For further information about NHSmail2, please visit the NHSmail2 Portal external website page: http://support.nhs.net/aboutnhsmail2

Log onto your NHSmail account here

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