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Occupational Health and Wellbeing Service

Our Occupational Health and Wellbeing Service is provide by Working On Wellbeing Limited, the largest private supplier of Occupational Health services to NHS organisations across the South of England.  Working On Wellbeing Limited is a leading Occupational Health provider, with a proven track record of delivering high quality Occupational Health solutions across all UK industry sectors.

Through Working On Wellbeing Limited we offer a comprehensive occupational health service which covers the full range of health and wellbeing initiatives, from prevention and control measures, to rehabilitation and protection from litigation through effective risk management.  Our service is sensitive and responsive to issues closely linked to the diversity and wide representation of the NHS workforce.

The Service is provided by a professional Occupational Health team with combined expertise including medical, nursing, physiotherapy, mental health, and technical and administrative staff to ensure we meet all of your needs.

The quality systems in place are accredited to the new SEQOHS standards (including Domain G specifically for the NHS) which is a directive for all Occupational Health suppliers in the NHS. We are also accredited to ISO 9001:2008 for the delivery of Occupational Health services.
Our Services

Our Occupational Health Service provides a comprehensive core service to all clients including the following:

  • Pre-placement screening
  • Provision of Occupational Health specialist practitioners in peripatetic clinics
  • Working with clients to advise on managing and reducing sickness absence levels through timely management reports, including advice on rehabilitation, redeployment  and ill-health retirement
  • Expert advice to our clients on policies and procedures related to staff health and wellbeing
  • Provision of health surveillance advice relating to current legislation
  • Provision of work related immunisation programmes
  • Provision of complex risk assessments related to staff health and wellbeing
  • Provision of a health and wellbeing team that provides services that includes lifestyle screening, advice on mental wellbeing and health promotion activities.
    The benefits of our Occupational Health Services include:

    • Reduced cost of absence through employee illness
    • Management of employees absence (especially long-term cases) and development of individual return to work strategies
    • Management of complex stress and mental health cases
    • Introduction of cost effective and proactive health promotion campaigns
    • Compliance with Health and Safety and Disability legislation
    • Increased staff retention and productivity.

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