Serco successfully win and transform the Occupational Health service for Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Serco successfully win and transform the Occupational Health service for Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

TauntonandSomersetThe Challenge
Taunton and Somerset Foundation Trust had traditionally run an occupational health service for Somerset NHS and other commercial organisations over a number of years. After a strategic review in 2009 Taunton and Somerset found that:

  • The occupational health service was supported financially by contracts within the NHS that were at risk
  • The risk could result in occupational health provision to Taunton and Somerset Foundation Trust escalating to £500,000 per year
  • The service needed investment and modernisation
  • The culture between the occupational health provision and Taunton and Somerset needed transformation from a reactive parental culture to a pro-active empowering one
  • The provision of management information was poor and unable to accommodate the needs of a changing HR and Organisational Development department.


The Solution

Serco engaged with Taunton and Somerset Foundation Trust through a competitive tendering process and proposed the following:

  • An approach that would offer partnership working to completely transform the occupational health provision
  • An affordable programme set over 3 years that would provide all aspects of necessary provision and offer the Trust an opportunity to control its costs effectively
  • That Serco would completely own the responsibilities of transformation management and ensure that all risk to Taunton and Somerset Foundation Trust was minimised
  • That Serco would work with existing staff to develop them, improve skills and make the service more effective and efficient
  • That Serco would develop an effective working relationship with HR and the Organisational Development department in order to ensure that the support given met the emerging need in a time of great change for the NHS.


Delivering the Project

After beating strong competition, Serco began working with Taunton and Somerset Foundation Trust and set out an ambitious transformation process for the transfer of service and change management of the team and culture through an initial implementation project.

A strong project management team supported by the wider Serco organisation followed the key principles of the implementation project to:

  • Transfer staff effectively to ensure that they were secure and on board minimising financial risk to Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust
  • Appoint an implementation manager from a pool of talented Serco Occupational Health managers to identify the key process and cultural changes and to drive forward the transformation
  • Identify key changes to:
    • Pre-placement processes
    • Immunisations
    • Needlestick and contamination
    • Infection control
    • Sickness absence management
    • Health surveillance
    • Management Information.
  • Invest in key IT systems to provide modernisation of the Occupational Health processes
  • Provide effective management information so that the Trust could monitor speed of service, activity levels and most importantly any emerging trends within its workforce.


The results

The Project delivered a successful outcome and smooth transition. We achieved this through establishing effective working relationships to generate a passion for the transformation amongst key stakeholders at Taunton and Somerset Foundation Trust. This continues to be achieved by the fostering of relationships between key gatekeepers within the Trust who work with Serco as part of their role whilst providing support for innovation.

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